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Information on the website
Peter Bütikofer & Company provides information on its website. Peter Bütikofer & Company gives no undertaking that the information included on the website is up to date, complete or correct. The information included on the Peter Bütikofer & Company website is subject to change at all times. Any use to which the information may be put shall be at the visitors’ own risk.

Liability disclaimer
Peter Bütikofer & Company shall accept no liability whatsoever for damage that may be caused through the use or non-use of the information given on this website. This shall also apply to damage resulting from the use of information contained on third-party websites with which this website is linked. Peter Bütikofer & Company gives no undertaking for neither the successful operation of the website nor that it does not contain any viruses.

All elements used by Peter Bütikofer & Company on its website, including but not limited to texts, photographs, graphics and other elements, are copyright protected and where appropriate protected under trademark law. „Perception Management“ and „Newland“ are registered trademarks of Peter Bütikofer & Company. Certain copyrights are held by Peter Bütikofer & Company itself and others are held by third parties that have authorised Peter Bütikofer & Company to use such elements. The use of such protected content in any way whatsoever by unauthorised third parties is forbidden without the explicit permission of Peter Bütikofer & Company or of another holder of those rights. Misuse of such rights may result in the pursuance of claims for damages and the imposition of licence fees.

Data protection
Peter Bütikofer & Company website stores a variety of information when a visit is made to its website. The visitor of the website him or herself provides us with certain details (e.g. name and email-address) of his or her own free will when using the “contact us” site. Other non-personal details, such as IP addresses, are stored as a result of technical processes. Peter Bütikofer & Company processes the details of the visitor to the website for the purposes of performing its services. Visitors to the website automatically accept that Peter Bütikofer & Company may utilise these details for marketing purposes. In using and processing personal data, Peter Bütikofer & Company adheres to the Swiss laws on data protection and telecommunications.

Business relations with third parties
Peter Bütikofer & Company has no control over the use to which the providers of any linked websites may put the information shown on these pages. Visitors to the website who have any questions on this matter should contact the third parties concerned directly. Peter Bütikofer & Company is not responsible for the content of such websites or for the adherence or otherwise to data protection regulations by the operators of such websites.

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