A change of ownership demands internal communication 

The Gerresheimer Group acquired Wilden AG at the start of 2007. Together, the two companies combined the demanding field of pharmaceuticals and the life sciences industry. 

This consolidation of different organisations and cultures always comes hand in hand with change for employees. Open communication that is tailored to the needs of the employees is important to ensure that this does not lead to uncertainties. It is vital that employees feel they can talk about their problems and concerns openly. 

The management wanted a realistic portrayal of the opinions, mood, expectations and worries of its employees at locations across five countries so they would be able to make the right decisions, not only for the company but also for the staff. 

As a basis for assessment, Peter Bütikofer & Company conducted regular online surveys in the countries concerned. Employees were able to express their opinion in a free and anonymous manner and view the results of the surveys online at any time. 

The evaluations and comparative analyses of the employees’ surveys provided the management with important information and insight into employee satisfaction as well as a reliable basis for communication with employees.

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