Social performance as a sales angle 

Companies tend to do a good job of painting the social relevance of their economic performance in a positive light. It is often the case that they even use this as their strongest sales angle. 

Hapimag, founded in 1963, is Europe’s leading holiday timeshare operator: Around 140,000 members are both shareholders in the company and co-owners of its property portfolio. As members, they have access to 57 top locations in 16 countries. 

As a response to changing lifestyles and ways of life, Hapimag has reoriented itself over the last few years so as to be more in line with the requirements of these new lifestyles. Peter Bütikofer & Company assisted Hapimag in the process. 

An annual discussion forum covering topics at the intersection of tourism, quality of life and sustainability was also launched, whose primary purpose was to highlight the numerous sustainability aspects of the Hapimag concept. The third forum, which was held in Berlin under the moniker 'Quality of Life and Sustainability’ was attended by many representatives from the political sphere, tourism industry, NGOs, science, and the media. 

Peter Bütikofer & Company was completely responsible for event management at the forum: from its conception, through to the recruitment of speakers and definition of content, right up to the implementation of primary materials and a website with multimedia content. 

Alongside targeted addresses aimed at the relevant opinion makers, the agency also exploited the occasion to strengthen Hapimag’s media presence in the important German market.

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