A clear profile sharpens perception 

There is an SME in Brandenburg that develops, produces and distributes medicinal products for cardiac functional diagnostics and monitoring the vital functions of patients at risk. The company has proven competence in developing procedures for sustainable telemedical applications out of standard technologies from both fields. 

For a long time, the company adopted a hesitant attitude towards communication. However, the management was aware that the company could only make its presence felt in the strongly contested emerging market of telemedicine with a clearly defined and perceptible profile. 

Peter Bütikofer & Company took on the task of clearly defining the areas of activity, USPs and core messages as well as bringing a tidy structure to the wide range of brands and products. 

A workshop with the management helped to establish a viable and binding foundation through the creation of a corporate story, the formulation of a mission statement and the development of a communications strategy.

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